Hello there!

Welcome to my page.

I have tried this blog thing a few times before, but have never stuck with it. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Life has been rather messy for us over the past year. Well, not too messy, but we experienced the loss of a dream, a hope, a part of our future…and well…we were a mess. I was a mess. Some days, I still am a mess.

What makes this blog different than my previous attempts? I’m making a commitment to stick with it. This rambling of thoughts will be updates about our family, Pinterest recipes I have tried (and loved), words of encouragement, or whatever sparks me to post. I may not post every day. I may not post every week. Who knows?

Why? Because life can get messy. Sometimes a good messy. Sometimes a not so good messy. So, come on in. Stay awhile and please, pardon our mess.